December Update

Hi everybody! Just in case you don’t make it to the end of the post (we all know I’m long-winded ;), I want to start off by wishing you all a very happy holiday season! Thank you so much for all the support and kindness through this past year, all the more so because I’ve been MIA for such a long stretch. Your FB comments, reviews, and emails have meant the world to me and helped keep my spirits up during a rocky time.

And that’s, sadly, what the rest of this post is about. I wish I could say the reason I’ve been so quiet is because I’m plugging away at getting this next book released (although I am definitely doing that as well!), but there’s a little more to it than that.

The short version is that I was diagnosed this fall with an autoimmune disorder. Hopefully now that I know what’s going on, I can figure out what my new “normal” is a little more easily and work with it rather than against it. Unfortunately, it’s taken a lot more time than I thought it would to get to this point, and I’m still finding my feet.

This doesn’t excuse the ghastly delay of “Where Honor Lies,” but I hope it explains it a little. The book is still coming. I honestly thought it would be out months ago.That is how much of a wrench this health stuff has been! Up until about a week ago, I was still convinced it would be ready to go by Christmas. I’ve been quiet online recently because I kept hoping the next thing I’d have to say is “it’s here!” It didn’t happen that way, and believe me, I’m disappointed too!

So, to sum all that up: I am so, so sorry it’s taking so long. As I’ve said before, I don’t let anything leave my hands until I’m absolutely satisfied it’s the best I can offer. This one isn’t quite there yet, but it will be. I will keep you updated.

Thanks again for your patience and support. Have a happy holiday full of books and an amazing New Year!

(Early) Fall Update: New Titles, New Name!

Hi everybody! An update, at long last!

It’s been a long, difficult summer here. We’ve been dealing with moving, illness, my husband’s retirement from active duty and search for a civilian job, house hunting in a new area, a worsening of my chronic migraines (no Mirrors to help me out, alas 😉 ), and did I mention moving??

Thankfully, my book-related news is much happier.

  • Winter’s Fallen is once again free for the time being at all my sales channels. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but with cooler weather on the horizon where I live, it felt like the right time. 🙂
  • I have released two new fantasy romance novels, this time under the name Amanda Dery.

Why the change of name?

When I first released Broken Mirrors (almost two years ago now, if you can believe it!), I was hard-pressed to find fantasy romance that wasn’t full of graphic content that I usually ended up skipping over. I made the decision, as I started writing my own work, not to include graphic content just because it’s a “genre expectation.” I saw no reason why romance HAD to be “steamy” to be romantic! Eight full-length, non-explicit romantic fantasy titles later, I’d like to think I succeeded in proving my point. 🙂

However, as I wrapped up the Conquest of Kelemir series, I did have an idea for a story where more mature content was appropriate. I first considered trying to change it around to avoid writing that kind of content, but then I realized that I was doing the very thing I hadn’t wanted to do when I began: writing to expectations, instead of what the story itself demanded.

So I decided to write this story as it wanted to be told, even if the result was more explicit than my norm, and see where that took me. I wasn’t sure the finished result would ever see the light of day, to be honest, and I was fully prepared to file it away under “failed experiments,” but the people I showed it to loved it!

So ultimately I decided that, to avoid confusing and disappointing readers who are particularly interested in non-explicit romantic fiction, I would release it under Amanda Dery rather than A. F. Dery so it would not be confused with my “sweet” titles. I am also posting a clear content warning at the end of the description on every title that has mature content, to minimize the chance of unwelcome surprises.

I understand that my choice may disappoint those of you who only read non-explicit romance, and I’m very sorry for that. However, I did not want to do this and say nothing about it, because then that could create confusion if you end up seeing two “Dery” authors writing in the same genre on Amazon!

I also want to assure readers that yes, I will be continuing to release A. F. Dery titles as well, which will continue to be “sweet” as far as content goes. There will not be any crossover of stories or characters between the two names either, so please don’t be concerned you will miss anything! Barring any further life upheaval (*fingers crossed*), I am still hoping to have another full-length A. F. Dery release out by the end of the year, and there will be another short fiction release as well that fans of Broken Mirrors should particularly enjoy. Please stay tuned!

In the future, I will not be posting about the “Amanda” titles on this blog (nor will I ever be notifying readers who signed up for A. F. Dery’s newsletters about them. This is a one-time announcement only on this blog to explain what the difference between them is.)

Demons Dreaming - High Resolution - Book 1For those who are interested in these new titles, you can learn more about them under “Amanda Dery” at, or you can find the first one, Dreams Awake, here at Amazon. Like Broken Mirrors, it was written as a “duology” or two-book series, and both books are currently available.

Thank you very much for your patience and your support <3 I love writing these stories, and I love sharing them with you!

Spring Update!

Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying a good start to Spring (or Fall, depending on your part of the world!) I am still hard at work on this year’s new releases for you. 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post, we are looking at only two novel-length releases this year because of some life upheaval I have going on. The first book of 2016 was originally planned to be released at the end of this month, but I’ve had to push back this release due to a significant uptick in migraines over the past couple of months that have severely limited my computer time (I’m sure readers of Broken Mirrors will not be shocked to hear I’m a life-long migraineur.) It’s taking me longer to get things done, but they are still getting done!

Now I’m questioning whether I should just release both of this year’s books back to back or if I should still break them up, but I won’t bore you with all my hand-wringing. I’ll just say: have no fear, the books are coming, and it will be this year as planned. I’m very, very excited about them and will update you with some teasers as soon as I have firm release dates nailed down! I’m sorry to make everyone wait so long, but I hope you will find the new stories worth the wait. I would never give you less than my best.

I also have another exciting bit of news: Drachenmond Verlag is officially bringing the Broken Mirrors Duology to German readers in both print and e-book! I’ll post more about that closer to the time. I’m planning a special Thane and Kesara treat to celebrate their German release (but no worries for the rest of you, it will still be in English! 😉 )

Finally, I was asked in the comments of my last post about what reading I caught up on over my December break. I thought I had answered that and saw when I popped in to update that I either didn’t do it or it didn’t post, so with my apologies for the suspense, I finally caught up on the Inspector Rebus series by Ian Rankin. 🙂 I’ve always been a huge mystery fan as well as romance and fantasy/sci-fi, and I would love to write one of my own eventually. I’m not sure I’d actually be any good at it–I can usually never figure out whodunit as a reader!–but I think it would be a lot of fun to try! My favorite mystery writers, apart from Mr. Rankin of course, are Agatha Christie (especially Poirot! <3), Ruth Rendell, the Mary Russell series by Laurie R.  King, and the Agatha Raisin series by M. C. Beaton. I’ve read and enjoyed other series/authors, of course, but those are the ones on my “auto buy” list!

Hopefully my next update will have some descriptions and release dates (and cover art) for you to enjoy. Thank you all for bearing with me during this weird transitional time!

Ready for Another Year of Great Reads?

Me too! First, I’d like to thank my wonderful readers for a fantastic 2015. I had a blast and I hope you did, too!

After releasing 6 novels last year, I took a much-needed breather for the month of December and caught up on my own to-read list! 😉 Since the new year, I’ve been back at work on a new 2-book series. I’m very excited about it, but I will forego teasing you until it’s closer to completion (I’m about 50k into the first book, first draft, so there are still sure to be some pretty big changes before the final version you will see!)

I did want to “warn” you that this year’s releases will be fewer and slower than last year. As some of you know, my husband is an active duty servicemember, and with his impending retirement after 20 years of service, we have some fairly massive life changes in store for us in the next few months, including a big move and all the fuss that goes with one.

Unfortunately from an writerly point of view, this is going to be fairly disruptive to my normal writing routine and to my release schedule. I have a firm goal of at least two new full-length novels being released this year, the soonest likely being in the spring (taking into account the amount of time it’s in my editor’s hands and any rewrites I may have to do) and the other planned for release no later than fall; anything beyond or between that will be a cherry on the sundae from my perspective.

From a readerly point of view, I understand how frustrating wondering about the next book can be, so I urge you to please sign up for my mailing list or follow this blog if you want to be sure not the miss the next new release when it comes out or any upcoming sales. (I only mention sales to my mailing list if they occur around the time of a new release, though; the list only receives an email at that time. I hate spam too!)

I deeply appreciate your patience and hope you will find it amply rewarded 🙂 I’ll try to do a better job of checking in here more often now that I’m back in the swing of things to let you know how the next book is progressing. Thanks again! I hope everybody is staying warm (or keeping cool, depending on what part of the world you’re in!)

Announcing the Conclusion of The Conquest of Kelemir!

The Beast of Lyntara, the sixth and final book in The Conquest of Kelemir series, is now available!

The Beast of Lyntara ebook cover The Merrick Gwyn brought back from death isn’t the same Merrick who died, and in the work of a necromancer, there are no second chances. Now the only hope of saving the world from the effects of his dark magic lies with the Raiders’ mysterious prisoner…if Gwyn, Graunt, and Dominic can keep this Merrick alive long enough to find her.

Meanwhile, Thane and Kesara find themselves facing life-changing news while trying to untangle the web of deceit the former High Lord left behind. Betrayal comes from an unexpected quarter, and they quickly find their future and all they’ve accomplished in a far more imminent peril.

Will life triumph over death, or will the world as they know it be forever lost to darkness?

Find it today at: Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ tolino

It’s Been Real Quiet Around Here Lately

…because I’ve been hard at work finishing up the last book of The Conquest of Kelemir series, The Beast of Lyntara. This will be the longest book in the series, but I hope the extra pages will fly by so fast you won’t even notice 😉

Just today I received the cover art (from the very talented FrinaArt, who has made all but 2 of my novel covers), and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

The Beast of Lyntara ebook cover

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m still working on the official blurb (if you follow my blog, you know I struggle mightily with my blurb writing!) but readers of the series can probably guess what’s coming next. We’re about to find out what happened to Merrick, former High Lord of the Union, after the rather disturbing events at the end of Forged in Spirit, as well as untangle the mystery of how he ended up magically bound to the Union in the first place (and why). Will the bond be broken and the Union be freed? Will Lyntara and the mystery woman Gwyn met in Bound in Blood be saved? And what in the world is going to happen to Kelemir in all of this?

There’s a good reason that’s the country named in the series title. By this story’s end, we will have come full circle as winter falls again in Kelemir…possibly for the last time. (And for those curious, yes, Lord and Lady Eladria both play a significant role in the events yet to come. You didn’t really think I’d leave you hanging  after Malachi’s observation in Forged in Spirit, did you? 😛 )